Internet destroys annoying fat women who made them late.

What about this?  If Fat women who make everybody late and annoyed because they want you to know how fat they are and that they don't give a sh#t about it Isn't more annoying than seeing a post on BJ the Web Guys Facebook page I must be in the minority.

Ladies... March all you want, but it doesn't feel good, it never has, I've never been fully comfortable in my body at 210 or at 385... i could never march for pride in my body size. I don't have any, I dread the day I start getting it because it's a step off the deep end. 

Look, it's nice that the girls are showing their spirit but stop making people late for work and get ready to be trolled and hard by the world @Quinnradio


Ok ok don't forget! Michelle Obama  said when something really effed up happens you still have control by doing the opposite 



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