How Haunted is Saratoga Springs?


SOURCE - Right off of Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs not far from the Race Course is a gorgeous garden that's also known for hosting their ghostly tours each year. The garden is open to the public all year round and offers tours, but during the fall months they offer ghost tours on Fridays and Sundays. Within the gardens you'll find beautiful yet eerie statues that are said to often give off an uncomfortable presence and have people wondering what exactly is here at Yaddo.

SOURCE - Here in New York our residents stay interested in haunted and abandoned locations no matter what time of year it is. We’ve previously shared with you how there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that would lead us to believe that one Western New York location is our most haunted city. But there’s also a small area of the Empire State that has quite a few haunted locations, some of which are within walking distance of each other! Ready to find out why this part of town sends shivers down visitors spines? Then let’s take a closer look at Saratoga Springs.


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