Intense post From Cohoes FD on last nights monster Blaze

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Sunday evening, firefighters from the City Of Cohoes, with mutual aid from Watervliet, Green Island, Watervliet Arsenal, Troy and Albany tackled a blaze on Broadway in Cohoes. Despite an initial interior push, the evacuation tones were sounded as the building was deemed unstable. Further into the fire, the third and second floors did collapse completely. Frigid 15F temperatures froze static lines, and caused dangerous conditions. North Bethlehem FD were called for rehab and warming for the firefighters. Empire Ambulance and Colonie EMS were also on scene. All persons are believed to have vacated the structure prior to FD arrival, and no injuries are currently known to have occurred at the scene. Investigation is ongoing. Further inquiries should be directed to the Chief of Cohoes Fire Department.

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Yes that's ICE on those Jackets

This is what fire operations in 15F weather looks like. Yes that's ice.

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