Deep Dive on the Weather Prince Jim Cantore

Long story short Jim tweeted a photo of a colleague's baby saying "The Kid now Has A Kid"  and how time flies... got me thinking he's not a grandpa!. THAT can't be possible? 

The Jim Cantore I have in my mind is out banging "whether Strange" from town to town right?

Turns out he's got an ex wife and two kids... all three suffer from varying illness...

Look, 50% of us get divorced so according to my limited research. Jim Cantore didn't divorce his wife because of Parkinson's he actually stuck with it until he divorced his wife because it was time for them to get divorced... it happens, Parkinson's or not.. he's a supportive member of his family. He has to be they all have major stuff going on?!!! 



SOURCE - "His Married Life: Wife and Divorce Reason!Let us first learn a little about his wife, well actually his former wife. He was previously married to wife, Tamra Zinn. There is not much mentioned about his marriage and divorce other that the dates. He got married to her on 6th October 1990 and later got divorced in 2009.The couple had met in 1986 when Tamra used to work in management and had the task make Cantore a household name publicizing him as much as possible. Their transition from friend to girlfriend to wife wasn’t the hard part in their story, life after love was.It became difficult after the marriage when series of terrifying news hit them. Tamra had the Parkinson’s disease, and both of them had a very busy job. But despite this problem they were keeping it in check."

Here Jims wife Tamara below


So there's the ex wife stuff... but Jims kids also suffer from something called Fragile X Syndrome 

SOURCE - All of us have challenges to face in life, but most pale in comparison to what Tamra has faced during her lifetime. She had a misdiagnosis in 1997 and then was correctly diagnosed just before her 40th birthday, going into her 14th year with the disease. When her children were seven and nine, she learned that both of them suffered from Fragile X Syndrome.  Several years later, she was dealt another devastating blow when she went through a divorce.  Any one of these horrific circumstances might knock the legs out from many of us, but not Tamra.  She made her circumstances her motivation to live a better, fuller life.

Read this article in Parade below to find out what kind of guy he is...



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