Designer Vaginas for all...This girl says She NEEDS ONE!

SOURCE - 'Designer Vagina’ has become a term synonymous with vaginal cosmetic surgery in the media.

In these body-conscious times, the number of these kinds of surgeries has increased five times over the last decade. But with the NHS now only carrying out vaginal surgery in the most extreme of cases, what happens to the women who are turned down but still want to have it done?

We follow Antonia, whose confidence and relationships have suffered due to discomfort from her labia, as she attends a private clinic for vaginal surgery."

Lad Bible – Antonia, who described her own genitalia as looking like a ‘Big Mac burger with the filling hanging out’, says she has been tormented by men after they saw it [so she appeared on the BBC Three show My Unusual Vagina to get surgery].

Unfortunately she didn’t feel comfortable with her vagina, and so avoided having sex due to feeling anxious about it, as well as it hurting her physically.

“The skin flaps are like elastic bands, if I was to pull them I could get them down to my thigh,” she said. “For me sex is difficult, because it can hurt and feel uncomfortable.”

She decided that she’d spend £3,100 on a private clinic as the NHS wouldn’t provide surgery, despite her enlarged labia causing her swelling and discomfort.

Though the price is a big amount, it seems justified given her feelings of insecurity towards her private parts. In the past she’d received comments such as ‘I can’t wait to sleep with someone with a normal vagina’ and ‘you’ve got a pair of balls’.



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