CIA confirms the Wikileaks release is authentic

NYT - The CIA says everyone should be "deeply troubled" of any attempt by Wikileaks to damage the U.S. intelligence community. And while the spy agency initially said it wouldn't comment on the authenticity of Wikileaks' document dump, they’ve since essentially confirmed it by saying the disclosures "jeopardize U.S. personnel and operations" and help America's enemies. The CIA also pointed out that it is not allowed to spy on Americans in the U.S. (even though Edward Snowden and others have shown that the Feds have been snooping on Americans for years.)


NYT - Meanwhile, U.S. officials are also saying they were aware of a security breach at the CIA which led to the WikiLeaks release. Reuters reports it was told by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials today that they have known about the breach since late in 2016. The two officials said their focus is on contractors as the most likely sources of the leak.

As for “who did it,” the FBI is joining the hunt for whoever's behind the security breach. The FBI and CIA are said to be coordinating efforts in the probe. At issue? How WikiLeaks got the documents, and whether the documents were leaked by a CIA employee or a government contractor.


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