S&W TRR8/R8: SWAT REVOLVER (I know...Sexy Right?)

SOURCE - "The looks are striking and in the revolver world there are few guns like the Smith and Wesson TRR8, R8 models. Count firepower as excellent is this Scandium N-framed Smith: it’s eight rounds of .357 Magnum. It is on the large size and weighs 36 oz but it feels lighter and balance is excellent. Durability of the scandium frame, POUs, ergos, accuracy, accessories, and more are discussed in this Nutnfancy reference tabletop of the type. This video culminates and brings together over three years of testing on two TRR8s. Most of this TRR8 testing consisted of stressed practical drills on steel [shown extensively here and previously in TNP]. This tactical revolver was made for a fascinating specific purpose [see video] which some may not be aware of. Knowing this might attract even more buyers to this expensive and yet special and very capable wheel gun.Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9.5 out of 10 [half point deducted for very high price]"