No more "Walk-Backs" Real life mulligans don't exist!

Our, how about you get off the TV until you can be a big boy about life? NO MORE WALK BACKS! Mean what you say! 

Story is below but essentially it's having all these so called "Walk Backs" I'm sick of them.

the twitter moments where I saw this are going nuts on this guy.

‪Point is, I understood him. To an extent and understanding does not mean I agreee with him, hell,  with all these walk backs I can barely assess my own opinion!  

Follow me here I think his is what he said: iPhone ownership has no priceout level IF YOU WANT IT, it's like saving for your first car. You're going to get it, no matter what, IF YOU WANT IT. 

Just like our new Healthcare plan will offer with no mandate to purchase UNLESS YOU WANT IT


How bad do you think low income families want the burden of healthcare, millions? How many will continue to budget for healthcare when it's not a mandate? I hope millions... but I doubt that will happen.

This will hurt the children in these families first. That money they could spend on healthcare will prob go towards rent, food, utilities, gas, addiction? Who knows. 

Odds are the  average American, if not required to do so, would still have healthcare if they can afford it. But that's the problem, in poor areas the kids weren't getting healthcare. Closest thing they came was the school nurse and a cold chicken sandwich for the .20 sliding scale they're on.

Ephiphany time! Now, the @verizon plan I'm on, where I don't have to pay for The Whole thing up front? Plus I get to keep the phone AND get the newest version when it comes out...Let's have Verizon figure out the healthcare plan! At least I understand my iPhone plan.

But enough of the walk back. It's like a real life mulligan and we never did that crap before. If you need a walk back you shouldn't bee on CNN




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