KellyAnne Trolled, Trump finds secret files? Investigates Obama?

Man it's been a fun weekend politically. It's so much fun to watch but it's gonna kill poor Dan Rather (see below). Trump dumping top secret info on Twitter is precious. I'm speculating here, because he's not saying where he got his info... He was probably rummaging through the Area 51 files Friday night (Like we would all do) and couldn't help but wander around looking for proof the dinosaurs were a hoax etc. So, he decided to look into Obama of course (like we'd all do) See what he found, the Conway duping is righteous.

Watch this dude get into the Trolling Hall-of-Fame while taking a selfie with Kellyanne Conway



AVCLUB - Trump’s accusations against his personal White House boogeyman were now centered on the idea that Obama had ordered the tapping of Trump Tower phones in the run-up to the election.


AVCLUB - Trump offered no evidence for his claims


Dan rather is pissed


Dan rather is sad


I love that Donald is rummaging through the secret past with his executive power. I would too! Such vindictiveness though he's gonna have a stroke, also, if that's how he's attained them then that's sad rear view politics right there.



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