Steve Bannon sure can give one hell of a speech...

The Comparison by the left as a Speech with Bannon's words and a Priebus Tone. Is a TelePromptered POTUS who's not in Charge


Told ya... He was telegraphing that teleTrump all day long, even off the record says chuck Todd. Rachel made a good point here too as far as sounding empathetic, 24 hours prior to the speech he was essentially calling these threats on Jewish buildings and people of late a potential false flag as summoned by the left...? Chuck was right... Priebus Tone with Steve Bannons words.... #telepromptertrump

I think we all felt for this woman last night... Though some say widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owens... was a "prop" last night... after Trump recently claimed he didn't make the choice himself on sending her husband into a battle many thought it was odd, even rude when after a minutes long standing ovation he shouted how about that applause... Some thought this could have been an opportunity to do something other than draw attention to adulation and take a more somber tone...

I know it's easy to predict this guy but how many people have lost faith to the point where anything he says they don't believe him? My Dad taught me that Actions speak louder than words so if you want to put a trillion dollars into infrastructure make sure you tell your people it will be implemented by tax cuts that give big corporations more cash and hence the opportunity to spend some of that money rebuilding bridges etc. That's just one example of the wool I see being pulled over a lot of peoples eyes. 


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