Do these 2 Cold Cases have a connection #ColdCaseQuinn

I'm a true crime junkie... Been following a couple of local cold cases right here in our back yard, like the one that Anya Tucker has been covering with Ted Mero, arrested for the murders of two women police managed to connect to him. But also like the one I've written about below.  See the full list of NYS Missing and wanted unsolved Cases towards the bottom of the page.

Original story seen HERE Two girls, close proximity similar deaths... check it...

Let's get this straight, both deaths have mobile home parks connected to them. One girl, Christina, lived in one in Saratoga and the other girl, Jennifer, was last seen selling magazine subscriptions at one that's creepily right down the road from me. 

Both are cold cases so I'm looking at some similarities because the sheriff doesn't want to give out to many details in hopes the tips will match the truth they've acquired already.

There was the  "Creek and Pines" mobile home park over on Middleline Road in Wilton and the Saratoga village mobile home park in Milton where Christina lived.  Two trailer parks close to each other? It's a start... get after it websluths


Click the puzzle below for the NYS waned and missing list


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