"Ode to my friends in Pharmacology" By Quinn

So, Thanks for a great week this week to the big drug chain I use! It was even more debauch than last month! 

Actually, I think you beat out my combined screen hours if you combine store & drive through hours... To say nothing of time on hold... god forbid if you have to CALL EVERYTIME YOU GO like me so you can confirm what you already know and that is' that all the times that your fancy automated texting service miss-texts me saying I need to come get my stuff TODAY! 

(But it's like this every time isn't it? So that's what nearly broke my will this time.)              . 

On my way! I saydriving there, adjusting my life for some box chain drug dealer? Yes,and the text was 3 days early it's always three days early, unless it's not then I've already the aforementioned breakdown. Ironically, for lorazepam.

....Governor Cuomo needs to cut the righteous grip he's got on what he thinks is his states foresight and cool off on his over exertion of power to regulate. YOUR KILLING anything thes chains had left of personality or humanity GOVERNOR. 

They may as well be robots though they'd never tell you that for fear of not getting their green rectangle of gelatin every 4 hours. I would love to use a small town pharamacist with limited hours but the cocktail drA has me on limits that, simply due to abailibity and convenience thanks to Cuomo type regulations. 

BUT THATS NO EXCUSE FOR my big box three lettered drug pusher friends right?! Unfortunately because of my hours I'm up at #ZeroDark230 m.f and I just have to have access to a 24 hour pharmacy sometimes. 

ANYWAYS, back to PharmyBigBox almost breaking my will to live this time every month... So, as proof, I texted my screen grabs from the end of December, January and now February and sent them to my #CuteDanishPsychologist who's ever so pleasant to talk to and manages to shut me off like a faucet when I get to this level. #KudosToDrAnya   

This company #ThreeLetterBigBox is it just them or is it at every other big box #SheepHerding pharmacy land out there ? 

Yup, it is....it's the same at every pharmacy ive been told... regarding the countries excessive addiction to prescription drugs. All, except Walgreens in Vista California, I should really send them a card 

So... The other day I had to go in and the "lines" (plural) were nearly as long as the ENTIRE store! No joke! 

There was some poor woman who had already given up on life, kicking her 6 bags of varying candies and her dehumidifier box down the isle without watching where they ended up.... kicking them with her boots while her gaze never left her Iphone....

The lines there move VERY slowly. Mind you, there were Lots of canes and som e very hefty old ladies in line. 

But if it's not them, it's always something, be it the one pharmacist and 15 people or it's the old man who thinks he's placing a bet on the 6th race... who knows, but the drive through was 10 times as bad, nearly wrapping around the store I was at in Clifton Perfect. 

This weeks 4 visits and multiple incorrect automated text messages combined with a huge staff and thousands of patients! It's like there pharmacy is bubbling over with white script bags            

It never fails... every freaking month I find myself on the verge of man-crying.... it's about one thing....


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