Quinn finds a door to another world

Virtually killing mother f#%kers while my human vessel remains on the Couch!

THE 🇺🇸 Dream #GOAL #Achieved #Mercia 

After settling into his amazing, yet occasionally mundane adult life...There was still very little music from the horn of "dramatic purpose" which had always called loudly to the boy.

His inner wonder and been fogged by works of a darker and truer existence here on this planet. 

There was nothing that surprised the boy anymore... His soul, on a sojourn for the winter months? Maybe...

Taking an ethereal sabbatical of sorts? Sure!

Disassociation, through common channels like radio, TV, movies, podcasts and social media had been sapped...exhausted... 

There was only the outside noise of a fractured species. 

Things just "were" what they "were" and it was good.  But there was a drive in the boy still... The neeed for evolution in his heart and mind... 

Much like Jack and Kyle of "The D" his hunt for "Inspiirado" was ongoing.

Not until the boy found a place... a place where his inner-child and stifled-rage could live in unified harmony did he think there was more. 

The powers of Virtual Reality. Much like a door to the underside of time and space, the folded plane of existence...the sensory manipulation he'd been craving for years without alcohol was finally here... 

The holy grail that this tale tells us of...was at his buddy Robs house this morning in mevhanicville NY. 

Like Indiana Jones, the boy went headfirst into a place he'd never seen, did things he'd never done.               

Like a Fire lit 🔥PHOENIX🔥The boys  soul✨💫🙅🏻‍♂️ reentered his body like  a hot ball of molten rock...☄️ 

He could exert his will with no recourse, greedily consume endless stimulation with no shame, no guilt.

 In fact, in this world, there were always second chances...there was logic and reason but mostly the unexpected... from him and from the other world he was in. 

The opportunity to do anything to anyone and feel the sensory pleasure of the act... with zero societal consequence. 

He would never remove these optical windows to  pragmatic absolution-ism. 

Okay, enough of that crap... 💩 

Seriously though... there are levels of interaction that need tuning, I tried to light some tattooed Russian gangsters beard on fire while he was yelling at me and he didn't flinch... but it's coming humans...  it's coming...

The complete alternative lives we've been dreaming about living... from the fantastical to the every day... 

There was a place to act them out... consciously....

To live, life on a whim, with complete escapism and zero retaliation from his current existence. 

The boy had found his #Nirvana 

To this Myers Briggs ENFP it's like a kid in s candy store. 


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