Stephen Dorff talks life music & his movie Wheeler

We had a great time speaking with actor Stephen Dorff this week, his new movie Wheeler is a unique look at the life of a Nashville singer songwriter.

Stephen went undercover in disguise through the streets of Nashville... interacting with regular people along the way. 

In essence he embedded himself in the Nashville music scene where his brother Andrew, who died recently, was a major player... writing for Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney and more. 

Andrew Dorff was a celebrated member of the country music world and his sudden death in what Stephen calls an accident... shook that world at its heart. 

Stephen really sounds like he's sunk a piece of his heart and soul into this project that he'll never get back. and how can you blame him. 

He's left it all out on the field here. 

Take a look at the song and video and become instantaneously impressed at Stephens talent as a singer and his depth as and actor.

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