Here's 6 Reason Why Women Like Oral Sex

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So there's always that moment when you're getting intimate with your partner and you're wondering if it is going to lead to something. Oral sex is possibly on the table, but society would have you believe that women aren't so big on it. Well you're wrong. 

Maxim writer Cara Hessels details six reason why women actually enjoy giving oral sex, and some of the reasons aren't all that shocking. 

Reason 1: The like to be in control. Let's face it, who doesn't? Make your own rules. 

Reason 2: It turns them on to turn you on. So let her go for it. 

Reason 3: Women enjoy foreplay. As men we need to make sure we're giving our women the attention they deserve. They're kind of inceptioning us when the go downstairs. 

Reason 4: They like to give, but also like when you giveback. So to quote "I Love You Man", give it back. Return the favor. 

Reason 5: Sometimes it just gets the job done. While you might want it, she might not, but she's nice. So she does you a solid without expelling too much energy. So nice.

Reason 6: You're her guy and she likes you. Enough said.

Check out Cara's whole article here

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