You always hear how having a TV in the bedroom is a bad thing . . . bad for your sleeping habits and bad for your love life.  But apparently having one in there can drastically IMPROVE your sex life.


According to a new survey, couples who have a TV in their bedroom have TWICE as much sex . . . two times a week on average, compared to just once a week for couples who DON'T have a TV in there.


74% of people said they DO have a TV in their bedroom . . . and 67% of them said it DOES improve their sex life.


The top reason was that it makes it easier to watch PORN together . . . 37% of people mentioned that.  Which is weird, because . . . who watches porn anywhere other than online?


The second most popular reason is even more interesting.  32% of couples who have a TV in their bedroom say it improves their sex life because they can watch their favorite shows WHILE they get-it-on.  (???)


In fact, 47% of people in the survey said they've watched a TV show and gotten-it-on simultaneously. 



(Daily Mail)