And now, we'd like to take a moment to preemptively ruin your summer vacation.  Here are three new things to WORRY ABOUT . . .


1.  Everyone's cheating.  According to a new survey, about one in THREE people cheat on their significant other when they go on vacation solo . . . and 6% of people even cheat when they're on a trip TOGETHER.

The survey was sponsored by a cheating website called Illicit Encounters, so maybe they're biased, but still . . . PANIC.  (FemaleFirst)


2.  Everyone's getting skin cancer.  About two in five people say they sometimes INTENTIONALLY get a sunburn on vacation . . . because it'll eventually settle into a nice tan.

But . . . by getting sunburned just once every two years, you TRIPLE your risk of getting SKIN CANCER.  (Paisley Daily Express)


3.  Everyone's hearts are exploding.  A study found the top cause of death on vacation is a heart attack.


The mix of eating poorly, temperature changes, alcohol, mental stress, and, you know, actually WALKING a lot and getting exercise put you at a higher risk of heart attack.  It's most likely to happen during the first two days of your vacation.  (LiveScience)