If you're in a long-term relationship, and things are a little stale in the bedroom, consider this:  According to a new survey, four out of five people in relationships have a sexual fantasy they HAVEN'T told the other person about.

Meaning, odds are you're BOTH thinking of a way to spice things up.  You just haven't discussed it.  And there's a good chance that what you want is on this list.  According to the survey, here are the top ten sexual fantasies people in relationships have.


1.  Having a threesome.  Almost 50% of people say they'd consider it.


2.  Dressing up in a uniform, like a cop or a nurse.


3.  Doing it outdoors.


4.  Making a video.


5.  Dominating someone or BEING dominated.


6.  Using a sex toy while you get-it-on.


7.  Doing it somewhere you might get caught, like an elevator.


8.  Bondage.


9.  Having a same-sex encounter.


10.  Being watched, or watching someone ELSE get-it-on. 



(Female First)