Considering buying a sports car and wearing leather pants because you're having a midlife crisis?  Go back to the '80s.  Midlife crises have evolved and if you haven't, it's because you're old.  Not to give you a midlife crisis.


A new survey came up with the top 40 modern signs you're having a midlife crisis.  The top 10 are:


1.  Getting a tattoo.


2.  Getting a facelift.


3.  Getting botox.


4.  Running a half marathon.


5.  Going to a music festival.


6.  Getting your back waxed.


7.  Changing careers.


8.  Buying a fancy watch.


9.  Buying the latest gadgets or technology.


10.  Getting into extreme sports.


A few other signs in the top 40 are getting a Twitter account, buying a fancier smart phone than your kids, and buying a juicer. 



(Daily Mail)