About a year ago, there was a story about 22-year-old Ania Lisewska . . . a girl in Poland whose goal is to travel the world and have sex with a HUNDRED THOUSAND men.


And on June 7th, she posted on Facebook that she'd just passed the 5,000-man mark.  That means she's been averaging almost 500 dudes a month . . . or about 16 a DAY.


Still, it would take her almost 19 YEARS of full-time boning to hit 100,000.  According to her, the total SHOULD be higher . . . but in February, she had to go to the hospital for FATIGUE.  She also claims she's lost 64 pounds this year.


Of course, there's no way to VERIFY any of this, and she hasn't posted a single photo with her FACE in it since supposedly losing weight . . . they're just body shots, where she DOES look slimmer.


She claims it's because being recognizable makes it HARDER to set up "marathon" sex parties.  Which doesn't really make sense.


In other words, she probably HASN'T lost weight, and it's some other woman in the photos.  Either way . . . go get 'em, Ania.


(Check out some photos of Ania HERE.)


(Newsvine.com / Facebook)