How does the music from the '70s stack up to the pop music of today?  NOT VERY WELL, according to a new music-themed poll by "60 Minutes" and "Vanity Fair".


When asked which decade had the WORST music, 42% said THIS decade . . . followed by the 2000s, which had 15%.  The cheesy music of the 1980s, which is now loved ironically, was next with 14%.


The '90s and '70s were fourth and fifth with 13% and 12%, respectively.  The '60s were not included in the poll . . . probably because no one in their right mind would argue that today's music is better than it was in the '60s.


The poll also asked people which genre they think has reached its peak . . . and 50% chose hip-hop.  20% said country, 10% said rock, 9% said pop and just 7% went with R&B.


The poll notes that every age group, including the young 18- to 35-year-old demographic, had hip-hop as #1 on that one.  And when asked which genre is more important, jazz or hip-hop, 73% chose jazz, and just 19% selected hip-hop.


Finally, 49% of people said they MOST OFTEN LISTEN TO MUSIC ON THE RADIO.  17% regularly listen through a digital music service, 15% use an iPhone, iPod or MP3 player, 9% still use a CD player, and 6% listen through their computer.


No one was willing to admit that they still use a cassette player . . . but 1% of the respondents must have been old men and hipsters, because they said they most frequently enjoy music on a RECORD PLAYER.