A 43-year-old woman was flying from Bogota, Colombia to Madrid Spain recently, and acting suspiciously.  So customs agents pulled her out of line for a search. 


Two female agents patted her down, and noticed that her breasts felt REALLY strange.  They were kind of deformed and misshapen, and lumpy in all the wrong places . . . so they questioned her about them.


And she admitted it's because her breast implants were actually filled with COCAINE.  Apparently someone had taken the saline out of the implants, replaced it with cocaine, and the woman had them surgically inserted.


She had a total of 3.7 pounds of cocaine spread across her two breasts . . . worth about $2.5 million.


She was taken to the hospital so doctors could check her out . . . because there are all sorts of potential health risks that come from putting in bootleg breast implants.  As far as we know, she checked out okay . . . but she's facing smuggling charges.


(HERE'S a photo of the two implants.)