So we turn on the TV or tune in to our favorite radio station, go to a concert, Broadway show or play and we expect to be entertained. Do we ever stop and think about the performer or performers? What are they going through in their personal life, what demons they may be fighting. No, just perform for us. Hide behind your mask and entertain me, I have problems of my own and I want you to make them go away.

Last night we were shocked to hear about the death and apparent suicide of Robin Williams. He was the entertainer who could always make us smile or laugh and forget our own problems, but we didn’t realize it was all just an act. We never looked at him and wondered if he was okay, if he had any problems. Now he’s gone and the mask has been removed and behind it we see there was a tortured soul crying out for help. We will miss him and by the end of the week we will turn to others to entertain us and make our problems take a back seat.

I would like to take that thought one step further and say that each of us really has no idea what demons some people fight unless that person shares. If we could just all respect that and show everyone some kindness maybe some of these people would find a better world and maybe we might be of some help to them.

Let’s hope that Robin Williams death has taught us something and that he has finally found the peace he was seeking and may God have mercy on his soul.

And now because the show must go on…  Even the little shows.