Believe it our not, men and women’s sexual fantasies aren’t as out there as you’d think. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Durex Condoms,  lots of people’s fantasies are downright cliché.   


Sure people dreamed about getting their swirl on in public places like movie theaters and beaches, but not many of them actually did it. For example, 30-percent of respondents said the idea of joining the Mile High Club turned them on, yet only five-percent admitted to actually going through with it.


But a car was a totally different story - as 23-percent of those polled fantasized about a romp in a car, while 36-percent admitted to fulfilling that fantasy.  Similarly, 16-percent have thought about doing the deed in the back of a cab, while 100-percent picked a subway as their ultimate spot, although only two-percent actually lived out that fantasy.


Other fantasy spots included: the library (15%) fitting rooms (22 %), the office (28%) and a roof or balcony (20%).  And talk about sacrilegious, seven percent of those polled picked a church as their ultimate fantasy spot.  Well, you wouldn’t have to go far to ask forgiveness for your sins…


Source: The New York Daily News