What's the "State" of Church and State These days?

What better place to grab the lion's share of a local vote for Assemblymen Steve McLaughlin then a packed church in his own back yard of TROY NY... Right?

Throw in some free stuff and you've got literally a KILLER swag bag!

I've been an opponent of the Safe Act and pro 2nd amendment... But this is to much. Fine for the fly-over states like Iowa or Kansas maybe but in the embattled city of Troy where shootings are a weekly thing? Not Cool Assemblymen McLaughlin... Not Cool... ~Quinn


Read the story from CBS

TROY -- Does the Bible defend a person's right to keep and bear arms?  That's the question headlining an ad offering up a free modified AR-15 rifle. Grace Baptist Church in Troy will give one away for free during a service later this month.  Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin will speak at church that day -- and defends the giveaway saying it's no different than any other church fundraiser. You might expect a raffle of some kind at a church bazaar for instance, but some say the choice for this prize is bizarre.

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