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Is you house overloaded with electronic devices that are cutting into "family time?" Better yet, how many times have you stopped a conversation with your spouse or loved one to look at an alert or message on your phone? Do your children's face "glow" every night from being glued to a screen?

Last night, my girlfriend proclaimed that we are going to "unplug for a week" at our house. We're turning off the TV's, Kindles, iPads, XBox, even our cell phones... anything with a battery, cord or screen is going to into shut down mode to help our kids prepare for the "back to school" routine. I have to admit, when she said this I had HUGE doubts that this could be done. After all, there's probably a TV on somewhere in our house right now, even if there's only an animal in the room! (I'm kidding of course... kind of...)

I made the mistake of questioning my girlfriend after she made the initial announcement so my challenge of the "terms and conditions" of this event where not received very well. Actually, she went from being excited about the idea to scrapping it pretty quickly. It's not that I doubted HER, I had reservations that the kids would accept this. After all, her kids know how to push her buttons and I suspected that it would only take a day for them to break the rules.

The conversation ended about as quickly as it began but I have vowed to continue on. Mark the week on the calendar! Saturday, August 9th through Saturday, August 16th - I will play "the most dangerous game" by myself to make a point: we are not slaves to our technology. I'm not going to lie, it will be difficult for a person who is "The Web Guy" to turn off his phone, iPad and DVR at night to open a book or look to a person for entertainment and company. I believe it can be done.

As I type this, I consider the doubts that are rolling in my mind... seriously, how can I NOT check my email, Facebook or Twitter every night? My only solace in confronting this challenge is that this is the opportunity for the family to "connect" for a week.

Perhaps the best ideas come from the least likely sources.

I'll let you know. :-)