photo: MikeTheWebGuy

I'd like a take a break from the "Greatness of Peyton Manning" fest that is currently dominating the Super Bowl conversation this week, to instead put the focus on THE REAL debate: Where is the Super Bowl being played this year?

The debate between New York and New Jersey over The Super Bowl host city is so fierce, it's like the days of the Old West between the two states when the other state is credited. They are some serious fighting words.

Seriously. Seattle's head coach, Pete Carroll, was corrected last week during a press conference when he said, "I'm glad to be back in New York." A New Jersey city council member reminded him, "you're in New Jersey."

New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker, corrected one of his Twitter followers this week when they said the game was being played in New York, he tweeted, "NO! The Super Bowl is in New Jersey." And while the debate seems to be vocalized by one state more than the other, New Jersey does have a valid point: Met Life Stadium (the site of the game) is in New Jersey, the teams are staying in Jersey City, practicing in Jersey, even making all of their media appearances in New Jersey!

The win for BOTH states is the $500 - $600 MILLION dollars that will be pumped into the area due to the fans and activities surrounding the Big Game. But still, it must rub New Jersey the wrong way it seems that all roads point to The City for The Big Game...