Scared man in old TV screen.
photo credit: Refat/shutterstock

Remember when summer was the time of the year to catch up all the TV you missed during the year? I miss re-runs.

Thanks to the "on-demand" world we live in now, Reality TV has taken over summer programming, forcing many of us to head for the hills of summer TV programming to avoid watching mind-numbing shows like: America's Got Talent, Wipeout (which can actually be kinda funny for the first few episodes), and Honey-Boo Boo.

Summer TV was getting so bad, I actually started watching WWE wrestling with my kids during the week. After hitting that low point in entertainment, I picked up my remote and started searching the guide! I found a couple cool shows to hold me over until Parenthood, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, and Monday Night Football return in the fall.

One show that caught my eye (in more than one way) is "Naked & Afraid," on the Discovery Channel Sunday nights at 10pm. Couple things about this show: it's like Survivor in that the contestants have to survive 21 days in a remote location with no help. What makes it different than anything else is the show features two new strangers every week: a man and a woman who are completely naked. Yes, they drop their clothes off at the entry point and forge into the wilderness wearing nothing but a smile to meet a total stranger to live with for 21 days.

Once you get past the naked thing (which isn't really a big deal since Discovery blurs anything we could see), you'll see that the contestants care less about their lack of clothing instead focusing on their lack of water, shelter, and food.