For those who trust their phones for turn-by-turn directions, imagine how distracting it would be trying to navigate downtown Troy, full of one-way streets in rush hour traffic, when an ad pops up on your phone as pass a nearby store.

That's what is coming…

Google paid $1.3 billion for the social driving app Waze - yes, over a BILLION dollars for an app that helps users get from here to there. Nothing fancy. No "social networking." No "in app game purchases." Just a driving app.

There are a couple key things that made Waze so attractive for Google.

User Interaction
Waze users can report traffic conditions, like an accident or a cop sitting in a U-turn area on the Northway - with these alerts popping up in real time on the map. Pretty useful.
Yes, ads that pop up when you pass by a store or business, like Best Buy or Whole Foods who have bought promotions in the app, with special offers or coupons.
And this is the BIG number for Google - after Apple destroyed their maps app, Waze saw a jump of 100,000 new users a day before Google debuted the iPhone version of Google Maps in December.

Mapping technology today is not about where you are or where you are going, but what you can encounter on your destination - whether you want to or not.

Read more about Waze and get the free download here.