photo credit: Lisa S./Shutterstock

During the day of yard work yesterday, I decided that I was going to shave my beard. Since I been married, I've always had some form of facial hair: goatee, beard, or 3-day beard. And from time to time, I get the urge to go clean shaven for a day.

I remember as a kid how different my dad looked when he would shave off his trademark mustache. Now I understand why dad did it - some times it just feels nice to feel the sun on your face. The other highlight is the reaction I get from my kids when they see my bare face.

I'm pretty sure I got a good scare out of my son when he saw me last night. He's six, so his reaction of running out of the room yelling, "Dad looks SO DIFFERENT!" to his sister was pretty much expected. My wife's reaction was pretty much the same. She told me I look like a stranger, joking that I should sleep in the guest room.

The sunshine, sunroof open, and cool breeze all felt nice this morning on the way to work. The compliments from co-workers was nice too. But just like I tell my family, "it's just hair and it will grow back." So enjoy the clean face like a sunny day - while you can!