Mikey with his paper - the Toys R Us Holiday gift ad.
photo: mikethewebguy

My son's "paper" arrived on Sunday morning. My little guy turned seven yesterday and ever since he's been able to speak, he's referred to the Christmas toy ads as his "paper."

This morning he had a Sharpie and was circling EVERYTHING he wanted for Christmas this year. And he's very practical... he saved some toys for his sister and cousins.

Back when I was a little guy, my younger brother and I would fight over the Sears Christmas Catalog for weeks. We'd tag our "wish lists" with our initials, then fight over every item the other brother had claimed. Looking back, this tradition was BIG part of Christmas growing up. We'd spend hours talking about what we wanted, what we circled, and what we were hoping to open on Christmas morning. The weeks leading up to the holiday were such torture. How many times were you caught shaking or trying to pick a small hole in the corner to catch a glimpse of the package?

Ah, the excitement of anticipation only to be met with the sadness of reality when you grabbed the biggest box under the tree, ripped off the paper in one move, teared open the box to find... three packages of socks, underwear, and undershirts.

Now, as an adult, I actually look forward to that gift every year!