The new Galaxy Gear smartwatch next to the new Galaxy Note 3 smartphone at the Samsung stand at the IFA 2013 consumer electronics trade fair on September 5, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The 2013 IFA will be open to the public from September 6-11.
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

I've seen this Samsung Galaxy Gear commercial so much that I'm starting to see it in my dreams.

Last night, I dreamt that I got the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the new "smart" watch that connects to a Samsung phone. But in my dream it didn't look like a throwback to Inspector Gadget's calculator style watch… no mine was a cool G-Shock watch in black (hint, hint to any Mike The Web Guy Family members who might be wondering what to get me this year). In my dream I was opening my Christmas gift, surprised that I was the new owner of a COOL G-Shock Black watch when a voice said, "it's also a cell phone." At that point my current Timex Ironman alarm went off at 6:30AM to get me up for the gym.

While brushing my teeth, I was thinking, "how cool would it be to have a cell phone watch? Could you text with it?" I guess I wouldn't need all of the apps or extras that come with a smartphone when I also have an iPad mini. I could do all of my "important" computing on my tablet. Or if it was work related, fire up my Mac. Yeah, the simplicity of going back to making and receiving JUST phone calls appealed to me until I came into work and did a little research on the Samsung Galaxy Gear. A couple drawbacks: the price (it costs $300) and it ONLY WORKS with Samsung smartphones (which I would also have to buy). And unlike my Ironman or possible future G-Shock wristwatch, it's not waterproof, shock proof, and has to be charged every day.

I think I can wait a few years.