Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

U2 will take time out from recording to perform on the premiere of NBC’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Monday. This is the second time the host has enlisted an Irish act to be his first musical guest. On March 2nd, 1999, when he took over Late Night, Fallon -- who himself is five-eighths Irish -- had Van Morrison provide the tunes.

Meanwhile, Bono says the new U2 album “won't be ready 'till it's ready. But right now, people are walking a little differently -- well, they're not walking, they're running as if to a finish line. There's a couple of songs that are part of the story we haven't quite finished." Bono adds, "We know we have to spend a couple of years taking these songs around the world, so they'd better be good." The album will hopefully be released this summer.