Roger Daltrey (L) and Pete Townshend, singer and guitarist of the British band The Who perform on the stage of the Ziggodome in Amsterdam, on July 5, 2013.
Photo credit: PAUL BERGEN/AFP/Getty Images

The Who are releasing today (Monday), yet another version of their first rock opera, Tommy.

This time out it has been remastered with 20 unreleased demos and a full live version of the album, and it's being presented in 5.1 Surround Sound. Eighteen of the previously unheard and thought to be long-lost live tracks are taken from a show at the Capital Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 15th, 1969. Three others -- “I’m Free,” “Tommy’s Holiday Camp” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It” -- were lost because tape reels were being changed during the show, so those songs are taken from later shows of the same era.

The package will be available in numerous configurations, with the Super Deluxe version containing an 80-page full-color book and a rare facsimile Tommy poster housed in a hard-back deluxe slip-case.