photo:Skip Bolen/Getty Images Entertainment

Styx has started playing "Light Up," the opening track from its 1975 album "Equinox," again, a move that guitarist James Young tells GMI Rock Newswas inspired by recent events:

"We had bounced around the idea of 'Light Up,' and then when the vote in Colorado and the state of Washington, where they went against federal law in doing what they're doing with (legalizing) marijuana, I said, 'We've got to have that song ready when we play the Paramount Theatre in Denver on January 30,' which we did. So we started playing that song again in our set as of January 30 this year. And in the right setting I have a little speech I give about how there's an agriculture product with medicinal properties which the federal government still considers an illegal substance, but there are certain states that have decided it's not illegal in their state, and so in celebration of that, light up, everybody and we launch into it. And people love the song. So it's given us a little bit of something fresh to actually put into the set."