Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The E Street Band was inducted by their leader, Bruce Springsteen. His speech touched upon how he met each member, saying that "the genesis of the group was when drummer Vini 'Mad Dog' Lopez asked me to join a band to make some extra dollars on the weekend."

He called Steve Van Zandt his "dependable devil's advocate when I need one." He told the story about meeting Clarence Clemons and that "at that moment I knew that my life had changed. I miss you and love you big man. I wish you were here tonight."

He also mentioned that his one regret was not pushing for the band to be inducted in 1999. He said that Van Zandt told him at the time, "I understand, but Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, that's the legend."

Ex-keyboardist David Scanious spoke first, and he went on so long that the teleprompter said, "Please Wrap Up."

Nils Lofgren joked that, "I wasn't sure how to celebrate my 16th wedding anniversary, so thanks to you Brooklyn and the Rock Hall for the thoughtful gift."

Jason Federici accepted the award on behalf of his late father Danny. And Victoria Clemons accepted on behalf of her husband Clarence. She made the crowd in the arena fall silent when she said she wanted to prove Clemons was there. She played a clip from her phone of him humming a song to her, which caused several members of the band to choke up.

Springsteen and the E Street Band (with Sancious and Lopez) then played "The E Street Shuffle," "The River" and "Kitty's Back."