Photo by Jason Oxenham/Getty Images

Anyone familiar with Pearl Jam probably knows that frontman Eddie Vedder is a good friend and huge fan of The Who. You'd expect him to mention their legendary Live at Leeds album when Pearl Jam played Leeds, England the other night, and you'd have been right.

At the start of the show, Vedder told the crowd that although this was only the second time Pearl Jam had played there, he, "like thousands around the world, have spent hundreds of hours there," listening to Live at Leeds.

You might also have expected Pearl Jam to cover The Who at the show, and you'd have been right again -- they did two songs, "Baba O'Riley" and "The Real Me." Here's the funny thing, though -- neither of those songs were on Live at Leeds, since they're both from albums released well after that show took place in February of 1970.