Photo by KIMBERLY BARTH/AFP/Getty Images

Looks like the Rock Hall will have some explaining to do to fans of KISS and Rush.

Chad Channing, who was the drummer on Nirvana's debut album, Bleach, and -- uncredited -- on one song on Nevermind, has revealed he will be inducted into the Hall with the rest of the band next month. Channing, who currently drums in a band called Before Cars, said in a tweet he would attend the ceremony in Brooklyn next month but would not be performing.

The inclusion of Channing will likely upset KISS fans who think Eric Carr, the drummer in the band from 1980 until his death in 1991, should be inducted along with the original four members. And Rush fans who were upset that original drummer John Rutsey -- who, like Channing, played on a debut album -- didn't get in last year will have a reason to be irked again.