image: PremierePrep

KISS has struck a merchandising deal with Major League Baseball.

They have taken the cover photo of their Dressed to Kill album, which shows the band on a New York City street corner dressed in suits, and replaced the suits with baseball uniforms which adorn shirts for the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Oakland A's, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals with the promise of "more teams coming soon."

Gene Simmons was asked on Twitter, "What's deal with KISS dressed in Yankees uniforms T-shirt?" He responded, "WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING SPREADING A BRAND."

And sticking with baseball, Gene's wife, Shannon Tweed, is not pleased with a Los Angeles court's decision to hold the Los Angeles Dodgers liable for the vicious beating of San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow outside Dodger Stadium in 2011. She says, "I don't agree that if you get hurt at a sporting event you should be able to sue the team. This is a whole new can of worms we are opening up... It invites more criminal activity for profit."