photo credit: Scott Ableman via photopin cc

This Saturday I'll be participating in the Leatherstocking Honor Flight at the Albany Airport. The Leatherstocking Honor Flight is an awesome non-profict organization. They organize flights from Albany Airport to Washington, DC for our World War II vets. The vets don't have to pay for a thing. We take them to the WWII Memorial as well as other Memorials and Arlington National Ceremony.

What I think is really cool about this event is that our WWII vets today are in their late 80s to mid-late 90s, the oldest vet going will be 101 years old in September and many of them have NEVER seen the WWII Memorial. It's such an honor to make this experience happen for them! To learn more about the Leatherstocking Honor Flight, click here

Here's a pic from the last Honor Flight from the fall.

photo by Dr. John Cooper