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Richie Sambora says he expects to rejoin Bon Jovi but doesn't know when. "There’s no time frame," says Sambora. "I’m pretty hell-bent on making sure that no matter what happens with this band, that I will be able to have a career and enjoy myself and pursue my passion." He said this to reporters yesterday (Tuesday) at a drug forum in Toms River, New Jersey.

Sambora used the event, which was to raise awareness about the increasing use of heroin and abuse of prescription drugs on the Jersey shore, to debut a new song. He said "Lighthouse" was about giving hope to addicts. "I wanted to do something optimistic, a beacon of light and hope," he said. "Everyone needs that light when they're far off the shore." As the father of a 16-year-old daughter with actress Heather Locklear, he adds that he is "scared...but we can't be scared silent. Together we can make a difference because this epidemic has to stop."

"Lighthouse" will be available on iTunes with the proceeds going toward a drug treatment facility that is being planned for the Jersey shore.