Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

Aerosmith was back out on the road on Saturday night in George, Washington, but with a substitute drummer in the saddle.

Band members took to Twitter to spread the news with drummer Joey Kramer, who has been sidelined with a heart ailment, letting fans know that his son Jesse is sitting in for him.

Guitarist Joe Perry also took to Twitter, writing that the band would "miss Joey" but is in capable hands with Jesse, "who's a kick ass drummer!" Perry added that Joey is "doing great and will be back very soon," but he didn't specify when.

Kramer's wife, Linda, tried to downplay the situation, claiming that the media is "blowing" her husband's health problem "out of proportion." She did confirm that he underwent a procedure "related to his heart," but said he doesn't have an history of heart problems and did not undergo "emergency open heart surgery."