Photo credit ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AFP/Getty Images

AC/DC have a connection with the late Robin Williams -- and if you own their Highway to Hell album, you probably know what it is.

Bon Scott, the band's late singer, was reportedly a huge fan of Williams in the show Mork and Mindy. At the end of the album's closing song, “Night Prowler,” Scott added a phrase from Williams' character, Mork from Ork, "Shazbot. Nano Nano." According to Wikipedia: "'Shazbot' was an all-purpose vulgar exclamation, and 'Nanu Nanu' was a salutation Mork used at the end of his transmissions to his home planet."

It's believed to have been the last thing Scott recorded for Highway to Hell, which turned out to be his final album with the group. He died from alcohol-related causes less than a year after that session.