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Iron Maiden is combating music piracy with live appearances. says the British rockers have been keeping track of their popularity through Internet activity.  In addition to seeing where they have the most Facebook and Twitter followers, the band has been monitoring legal and illegal file-sharing of their music.  And instead of filing lawsuits, they're booking tours in those regions. 

According to Musicmetric, a company that analyzes social media and file-sharing data, there's a lot of Iron Maiden activity in Central and South America -- which is where the band has been focusing its touring in recent years. 

Musicmetric CEO Gregory Meade explains that "fans can't download a concert or t-shirts," and points to one recent Iron Maiden show in Brazil that grossed $2.58 million.  He says it's evidence of how Iron Maiden has "been rather successful in turning free file-sharing into fee-paying fans." 

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