A decade after he went missing, State Police try another lead in the case of Craig Frear of Scotia, searching along some railroad tracks near Maple Avenue and Alplaus Drive in Glenville.

Investigators say the search is a follow-up of two leads following last spring's search near the Glenville Price Chopper where Frear, 17-years old at the time, had worked. Authorities say he was last seen walking along railroad tracks behind the Cambridge Manor Apartments.

“We actually like the wet weather, it helps with the odor that comes out of the ground,” said Trooper Darin Jones with his K-9 "Perry" in the spring rain. “The main thing is the snow, the dogs have a better time seeing where they’re going. It’s mainly all about the dog being able to move through the woods.”
They are one of two K-9 units in a half-mile search – 2,500 feet by 600-feet – along the tracks after the tough winter and before the heavy brush grows in the summer.

At the time of his disappearance, Frear was a senior at Scotia-Glenville H.S. and captain of the soccer team.