On Friday afternoon, March 28, the Troy Police Department will say farewell to one of its finest members and welcome a rookie to the ranks. Rather than gold watches and new uniforms, Milk Bone treats and chew toys will be handed out, according to Capt. John Cooney.

Besides the retiring and hiring, the department will unveil new, state-of-the-art K-9 protective equipment and Cooney will don the gear to demonstrate four-legged prowess.


K9 Elza began her career in January 2005 with Sgt. Steven Seney, attending basic patrol/tracking school and narcotics detection training with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office and Syracuse PD. In April 2009 K9 Elza was then assigned to handler Officer Justin Ashe. Elza has served the city faithfully for nine years and her service record is outstanding  She has been an essential part of our patrol force, assisting with numerous narcotic searches, detections and criminal apprehensions.

Elza tallied ome very impressive numbers in her career. She was involved in seizing approximately $150,000 cash, proceeds of the drug trade; Elza found approximately 10 lbs. of marijuana, over 10 oz. of cocaine, and about 300 grams of heroin.

In April 2011, Officer Ashe and Sgt. Raymond White spotted a vehicle with a suspect involved in recent shootings in Troy. The armed suspect ran off but Elza gave chase, along with Ashe and White, and the suspect fired at them. Ashe radioed something no officer wants to hear: “Shots fired!" Elza was relentless, going around a dark corner where the suspect was lying in wait for an ambush. Elza “did what she does best” and allowed Ashe and White to arrest the guy. The crime spree was over and the suspect was found guilty at trial.

Throughout Elza's career, she was able to apprehend 50 felons, most notably in a major case from 2012. Elza and Ashe were called to help Cohoes to track and catch a murder suspect. “What was, without question, a very tense situation was ended peacefully,” Tedesco said.

Elza is 12 years old and now will be able to enjoy her retirement with Ashe as she will be a welcome member of the Ashe family.  K9 Elza has always been a welcome sight for the officer's of Troy PD, and will be missed greatly, he said.