This week, the F.B.I. told Troy Police Chief John Tedesco that after looking at video and listening to audio, the Bureau will not be investigating the actions of his department any further relating to the Kokopelli’s Night Club fight back in late January.

In a statement, they said the Troy Police Department cooperated fully.

Here is the release from Troy PD:

On Tuesday, March 25th (2014), Troy Police Chief John Tedesco was notified by officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that they will not be conducting an investigation relative to the actions of Troy Police Officers at Kokopelli's Night Club in Troy on January 25th, 2014.

Noting the full cooperative effort of the Troy Police Department in the review process, officials notified the Chief that their work is complete. Careful examination of physical evidence (including ample digital video files), witness accounts and official documents resulted in the development of a clear picture of the facts and circumstances attached to the event. That data was then carefully analyzed and evaluated as applicable to existing statute and legislation, including both criminal prohibitions and civil rights guarantees. It was then determined, and the department was so advised, that an official FBI investigation was not a necessary next step.

Per today's notification, the Bureau's work on this matter is deemed complete and the Troy Police Department continues to move forward in its efforts to serve our citizenry and join with our community in the fight against crime and injustice.