The Giants beat the Bills 17-13 in the Pro Football Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio Sunday night.

Jon Bon Jovi says his prospective ownership group wants the Bills to succeed in Buffalo. His letter in "The Buffalo News" yesterday marks the first time the rocker has publicly discussed his plans regarding the Bills. The team is for sale after owner Ralph Wilson died in March. Bon Jovi says his group is committed to working with state and local officials to identify a new stadium site in the region.


“As the process of finding a new owner for the Buffalo Bills moves forward, one thing is clear – the Bills belong in Western New York. I have been in touch with the NFL and the team’s potential buyers to make sure this message is heard, and I will continue to work with all interested parties until the sale is finalized. The Bills support hundreds of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in investments in the region annually, and by being located in Western New York they benefit from the most dedicated group of fans in the NFL. Few things are as culturally, historically and economically ingrained in Buffalo as the Bills, and we intend to keep it that way.”